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Parent Handbook


Our Philosophy

Because most children learn by hands on and at their own pace, A Big Place 4 Little People Daycare (ABP4LP) has developed several methods and programs for your children to succeed and be ready for the future. We will help encourage your child to learn new things and help challenge them for what the future holds.


This parent handbook covers the policies at A Big Place 4 Little People Daycare.

Hours of Operation

ABP4LP is open Monday through Friday 6:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. excluding holidays, see the holidays section on page 9. We ask that you please have your child here at the center no later than 9:30 A.M. A later arrival will disrupt the learning class. A $10 charge will be assessed to your account if your child is not picked up by closing time. In addition, there will be a $5.00 charge for very ten minutes after 6:30 P.M. until your child is picked up. A phone call notifying us of a delay will be greatly appreciated and may waive that fee.

Minimum Standards and Licensing Reports

The State of Texas has rules and guidelines that all daycare centers are lawfully required to follow so the daycares can maintain their daycare license. These laws are referred to as 'the minimum standards.' We keep a copy located in the front office for anybody to review. Please feel free to ask for the minimum standards and they will made available. Every daycare is inspected by a state representative annually with no notice. After each inspection, there is a report generated. We keep our annual reports located in the front office, which is also available for you to review. The following are phone numbers and a website if you, for any reason, need to find more information or speak to a representative from the state licensing office. Included is also the number to the abuse hotline for any of your concerns.

Local Office #979-864-1428 ext.269/270 or 713-940-3009


Abuse Hotline #1-800-252-5400

Parents are welcome to address any situation with the director at any time. I am here to protect your children, which is my primary concern. You may call the center at any time or email me at

Policy Changes

According to the minimum standards, we are required to inform the parents of our policy changes. We will notify you of such changes by posting them on our information board and/or a 'Parents Newsletter'. You will then be asked to sign a confirmation stating that you were notified of the changes.

Parental Notifications

We try to maintain good communication with our parents at all times for both nonemergency and emergency situations. For this reason, please ensure you have provided us with every possible way to contact you. We also ask that you inform us of any changes to your contact information. You may find our contact information on our website at We also have a parent information board where we regularly post upcoming events and other important information for you.

Open Door Policy

We are here to provide you with the best possible care for your children. If you ever have any concerns or suggestions about the care we provide please let us know. We can't fix a problem we don't know exists. You are welcome to come in the center at anytime, announced or unannounced, to check on your child. We are also open to any suggestions you may have. Feel free to participate in any activities we have that your child is involved in, to include field trips.

Registration Fee

ABP4LP assess a registration fee of $85.00 at the time of enrollment. An annual supply fee will also be due at the time of enrollment and yearly at the beginning of every school year.


Any and all fees, to include registration and weekly tuition, must be paid with a money order, personal check, or credit card. Payments are to be dropped into the tuition box, which is sitting on the front counter, and not handed to staff. The daycare will not be responsible for payments that are made in violation of this policy. This policy is strongly enforced and there will be no exceptions. If a check is returned twice on your account in a six-month period, we will no longer accept checks from you for the next twelve months. You will also be charged any additional fees that have accrued from the returned check. If that is the case, payments will then need to be made in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. Cash payments are not accepted. Tuition is due every Tuesday by 6:30. If a payment is made after Tuesday, there will be a $10 late fee charged to your account and for every day after that there will be an additional $5.00 charge.


The 'Time Out' method will be used as a discipline technique in our care. This 'Time Out' will be used so the child knows what he/she did wrong and give him/her a chance to cool off from the situation. Then, we will redirect them to appropriate the situation. After two 'Time Outs' have failed to solve the problem, the child will be sent to the office. At this time, the director will council the child. Upon the fourth infraction, the parent(s) will be notified.

Release of Children

Your child’s safety and security are very important to us. You are required to bring your child into the building, sign them in, and release them to a staff member. If someone other than an authorized person listed on the enrollment form picks up your child we must be notified by a parent listed on the enrollment form by, at a minimum, a phone call. We will ask for identification from the person picking up your child. Before any child leaves our daycare, they must be signed out by the adult picking up the child

Gang Free Zone

Wedgewood Elementary, 4000 Friendswood Link Road, which is across the street, is legally considered a gang free zone by the state of Texas. This enhances the penalties for certain criminal behavior. ABP4LP falls within that zone, so the law works the same at our facilities as it does at any other school in the state of Texas.

Child Absent From School

If your child is normally picked up by ABP4LP after school and your child is absent for a particular day, or for any other reason will not be picked up by us, then you must notify us before 2:00 P.M. If you fail to contact us in time you will incur a fee for each occurrence.

Sick Child Policy

If a child that is enrolled in this daycare is affected by a disease the center will post a notice to all the parents and report the case to the to the health authorities as required by the minimum standards. If your child is diagnosed with a contagious disease please notify the center immediately so we may inform the other parents that the possibility exists that their children may be affected as well. The child will need a signed statement from a doctor before returning to the center. If any child has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, while in our care, the parent will be notified and the child must be picked up within one hour of being contacted. The child must remain fever free for an entire twenty-four hour period before returning to the center. This precaution, mandated by the state, is to ensure the health and well being of the other children and staff. Other reasons to enforce this mandated precaution include:

fever the night before or in the morning before coming to school,

diarrhea or vomiting,

runny nose with green mucus, or

behavioral problems.

Medicine Policy

All medicine must be signed in daily and have the original label and date on it.  Medicine will only be given to the child whose name is on the prescribed medicine.  The dosage cannot exceed the label on the bottle of medicine.  Most over the counter medication do not include dosage for children under two.  In this event, we will be unable to administer medicine without a doctor’s statement, which must include medication to be given, amount to be given, and dosage instructions. 

Medical Emergencies

If your child is involved in a medical emergency we will call the numbers listed on the enrollment form. If we cannot get in touch with a parent through these numbers, we will call the emergency number listed on the enrollment form. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure all the numbers and the emergency number stay up to date

Emergency Preparedness Plan


We practice fire drills every month and severe weather drills every 3 months. In case of this type of an emergency and we need to leave the center we will remove the children and escort them out the side door of their classrooms to a designated area known to all employees. If we must leave the center; we will walk across the street to Wedgewood Elementary located at 4000 Friendswood Link Road, Friendswood TX. The alternate location will be the EZ Food Mart located at 4326 Friendswood Link Rd, Friendswood TX. Each teacher will have their own child attendance chart with the parents' information to ensure all children are accounted for. Each teacher's list will be compared to the main sign in sheet that is kept at the front for the Director. Teachers will be permitted to use their cell phones at this time to make emergency calls. Please remember the emergency phone number is 713-478-9514

Chemical Spills

In the event of a chemical spill, we will remove the children from the area immediately. If the spill is an unknown chemical we will contact the proper authorities to report the emergency.


If there were any other type of event or disaster, we will SHELTER IN PLACE until we are notified by emergency management and they tell us what we need to do. We will then make every attempt to contact all the parents as soon as we can to inform them of the situation that is taking place.


If we were to have an intruder we will immediately secure all the children and the staff in a room. At that time, I will designate a teacher to call 911 from their personal phone. Please ensure the security code for the door is not given out to anybody that does not need to know it. If we do not recognize a person attempting to enter the daycare we will not let them through the security door until we have identified them. Adhering to this procedure will greatly reduce the chance of an intruder in our daycare.

Personal Hygiene

We will enforce the washing of hands before and after meals, and toileting. The staff will ensure this is done in an appropriate and effective manner. 

Toilet Training

This is an important stage in your child’s life. We will not attempt to start this process until you agree the time is right. You will need to provide at least two changes of clothing, to include the socks, and an adequate supply of training pants each day for your child. If your child needs to wear a diaper at rest time please provide the diapers for your child. It is important that the parents and center work together to be successful.

Lice Policy

If your child is found to have lice, you will be notified to remove you child immediately for treatment. Your child must be knit free before returning to the center. We will notify the parents in your child’s class so they may take appropriate action. Proof of treatment may be required before the child is allowed to return to the center.

Immunization and Health Statement

According to the regulations of the State of Texas we are required to have a copy of your child’s shot record. Please ensure the center has a copy within two weeks of the child's enrollment. If you do not provide the document by the allotted time, we have the right of disenrollment of your child until we receive a copy.

Hearing and Vision

The State of Texas requires your child to have a hearing and vision test by the time they are four years old or before they start school. We will provide the service for you at our center. We will notify you in enough time by posting the date and time. However, our center does not pay for this service.

Nutrition and Meals

The daycare serves breakfast, a nutritional lunch, and an afternoon snack each day. Breakfast is served from 6:00 A.M. to 7:45 A.M. If you arrive after 7:45 we will not be able to serve breakfast because classes start at 8:00. Lunch is served from 11:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. If you arrive after 11:30 we will not be able to serve lunch but you may bring something in for your child. The items on the menu meet the nutritional requirements required by the minimum standards. Breast feeding is also allowed at the center. You are welcome to come in and use our infant room to breast feed your child or you can provide breast milk for your child for each day they are here at the center.

Rest Period

In accordance with minimum standards, the daycare is required to have a two-hour rest period each day. Our rest period for the pre-school children is from 12:00ᴘ.ᴍ. to 2:00 ᴘ.ᴍ. To keep from disrupting nap time, we will not allow a parent to drop a child off during this period. You can bring your child to the center after the rest period is over. We will not provide nap supplies but we will have cubbies to store the child's things. If you provide your child with a blanket for nap time, we ask that you take the blankets home at the end of the week to be washed. It is okay if you do not provide a blanket for your child because we have extras, however, there will be a $1.50 charge for cleaning.

Outdoor Play

The children are required by state's minimum standards to be outside each day, weather permitting. Our outdoor play period is scheduled daily but the time period varies according to age group. If you feel your child is unable to participate in outdoor play, you must provide a written note from the parent or doctor. You must fill out a form if you would like us to apply sunscreen or mosquito spray to your child.


We will be keeping your child active both indoors and out. Please have your child dressed in appropriate clothing because you never know when an accident may occur, this applies to the older children as well. All clothes left at the center must be labeled. Shoes must be worn at all times

Toys from Home

We ask that you do not allow your child to bring toys. Children lack certain sharing abilities and should not have to be forced to share their toys with other children. It may cause confusion in their minds that some toys are to be shared and some not.

Animals (pets)

We ask that you please do not bring animals into the center without approval first. We are here to protect the children and this is a precaution that we need to take.

Field Trips

We transport children four years of age and older for fields trips away from the center. Permission slips must be signed before each field trip. Permission slips will be handed out a week before the trip to give you time to think about it. We reserve the right to keep any child from attending a field trip whose behavior is disruptive or harmful to others. You are also welcomed to participate on any field trip you like.

Water Activities

We will post any water activities that we may have and a written permission slip must be signed.


We plan parties around all holidays. If there is a holiday that conflicts with religious beliefs, please instruct us in writing with appropriate procedures you would like us to follow in order to handle the situation.


Every child’s birthday is a special event and you are welcome to provide a treat for your child’s classroom. We also encourage the parents to join their child at the center to celebrate this special day. If you bring something to celebrate your child's birthday, please bring enough for the whole class, this ensures no one is left out. Upon request, we will give a list of the children attending your child's class. When there is a scheduled event happening in your child’s class, we will send a note home with each child in that class.


We will be closed for observation for the following holidays:

New Years Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day 

If the holiday falls on a Saturday we will be closed the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday we will be closed the Monday after. In the case of severe weather, we will close when the school district closes. In this case and any other unscheduled closing, we will notify you as soon as possible. Keep in mind, if a week contains a day off from school for your school age child but the daycare is still open and your child will be attending the daycare all day, there will be an additional charge for that day. For example: your child's school is out for a teacher-in-service day and your child will be at the daycare all day, then there will be an extra charge.


After your child has attended the daycare for one year upon the enrollment date, you will be allowed one week without tuition and attendance. This week can be used as a sick week as well. If your child is here for three days or more in one week, it is considered a full week’s tuition. If the child is absent the entire week or attends two days, your tuition will be half price of your weekly tuition. This policy guarantees your child’s space.


We appreciate a one week written notice of your child’s withdraw. We keep your child’s records on file for 3 months after withdraws.


A Big Place 4 Little People reserves the right for disenrollment of any child for any reason.